Transforming Burnout Into Well-Being

A 4-Month 1:1 Mentorship with Ami Kunimura, Ph.D.

This Four-Month Mentorship Involves –

Two 1-hour sessions per month (held on Zoom)

One hour of independent practice per week

Personalized support on your path from burnout to well-being

Designed for individuals who are –
Experiencing burnout at work
Feeling depleted, exhausted, or overwhelmed
Stuck in patterns of pressuring and pushing oneself
Longing for a sense of well-being, fulfillment, and peace


The Path from Burnout to Well-Being

Here’s what our four months together will look like

Each month we will have two 1-hour sessions held in a private Zoom meeting room.
You’ll also be assigned one hour of independent practice per week.

Month 1 –

  • Getting to know who you are and what’s important to you
  • Understanding burnout and why it developed
  • Uncovering root causes of burnout
  • Examining stressors and burnout behavior patterns

Month 2 –

  • Transitioning out of burnout patterns, beliefs, and cycles
  • Establishing self-care patterns, mindsets, and routines
  • Nourishing and restoring your body, mind, heart, and spirit
  • Creating change through releasing, resourcing, and recovery

Month 3 –

  • Exploring and establishing parameters for well-being
  • Establishing a connection to yourself and your inner knowing
  • Redefining your relationship to your work and to yourself
  • Building energy, insight, peace, and alignment

Month 4 –

  • Discerning and redefining work/life values and patterns
  • Harmonizing change with compassionate boundaries
  • Applying self-care insights and practices in everyday life
  • Establishing a foundation for fulfillment
We’ll approach burnout in three ways...

1. Burnout as a state of being that can be transformed

Burnout can be a state of being that involves multidimensional exhaustion and a decrease in well-being. We’ll work together to understand your experience of burnout so we can learn from it and transform it. Burnout often occurs because something needs to change, and we’ll harness the challenges of burnout to fuel personal growth and professional development.

2. Burnout as a process that can be shifted

Burnout can be a process that involves the depletion of energy over time. We’ll examine how this process unfolded in your experience, and shift the momentum from exhaustion to restoration.

3. Burnout as an indicator that can point to other areas of transformation

Burnout can be an indicator that holds important information and messages about what needs to change in your life. Burnout is often a symptom of deeper personal or systemic issues and we’ll compassionately explore and address the root causes of burnout to support your long-term growth and well-being.

Each month we'll move toward...
  • Feeling stronger and more confident at work and in life
  • A sense of being grounded, centered, and in the driver’s seat of your life
  • Trusting yourself
  • Improved stress resilience
  • A healthier relationship with your work
  • Being aligned with your inner strength and wisdom
  • A feeling of compassion for yourself
  • Improved mental, emotional, and spiritual health
  • Having concrete self-care tools to use even after the mentorship has ended
  • A sense of peace, satisfaction, and alignment


1. Complete the application

2. We'll contact you within five business days to schedule a free 20-minute consultation

3. We'll schedule your 4-month mentorship, which will include:

  • Two 1-hour sessions per month (held on Zoom)
  • One hour of independent practice per week
  • Personalized support on your path from burnout to well-being

Cost: $1850
Pay in full or make 4 monthly payments of $475
Payment can be made by credit card online


What is a mentorship?

Mentorship is a dynamic relationship that provides guidance and support with navigating challenges. With the overarching goal of personal and professional development, mentorship involves the transfer of knowledge, skills, and wisdom to empower an individual in a safe and compassionate environment.

How does this mentorship work?

This four-month mentorship program involves two 1:1 90-minute meetings per month with Ami. Each month will focus on specific goals and objectives that are tailored to your growth and progress. You’ll also be assigned one-hour of individual practice per week.

How do I access the individual sessions?

The sessions will be held in a private Zoom meeting room. A link will be provided for you.

When are the sessions scheduled?

During the free consultation, a regular meeting time will be established that works for you and Ami. Sessions can be scheduled Monday – Friday between 11 am PT / 2 pm ET – 8 pm PT / 11 pm ET.

What is the cost?

The cost for this mentorship is $1850. We have two payment options. You can pay in full or make four monthly payments of $475.

Can I earn CMTE credits?

Yes. You can earn up to 28 CMTE credits as a Mentored Self-Study. Ami will help you complete the required documentation to earn CMTE credits.

What is the refund policy?

If you want to stop the mentorship at any time, a pro-rated refund may be issued.

Who is Burnout Alchemy a good fit for?

This mentorship may especially be helpful for someone who is experiencing burnout and wants to get to a place of well-being and fulfillment with the support a compassionate self-care support system.

This may be helpful for you if you are:
Feeling depleted, exhausted, or overwhelmed
Stuck in patterns of pressuring and pushing oneself
Feeling detached from oneself and neglecting self-care
Longing for a sense of well-being, fulfillment, and peace

Who is Burnout Alchemy NOT a good fit for?

This mentorship is not a good fit for anyone looking for a quick fix to stress or burnout or looking to eliminate burnout immediately. Our four months together will be a process that will require consistency, compassion, and reflection. We are aiming for long-term sustainable progress.

Who can I contact with other questions?

You are welcome to contact support@selfcareinstitute.com with any questions

Ami Kunimura, Ph.D., MT-BC

Ami Kunimura, Ph.D., MT-BC is the founder of The Self-Care Institute and your guide in Burnout Alchemy. She holds a Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine and is a board-certified music therapist.

Ami provides therapeutic support for professionals worldwide who are experiencing burnout and supports individuals and organizations with burnout prevention, recovery, and sustainable self-care. She has presented on self-care and occupational burnout at international events and conferences.

Ami has also taught as a lecturer at UCLA and adjunct graduate faculty at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. She is also a burnout and self-care researcher and developed the theory of Striving for Fulfillment, which explains how working professionals can move from a state of burnout to a state of well-being.

Ami (pronounced Ah-me) was born and raised in Hawaii and splits her time between Southern California and The Big Island of Hawaii.

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