The Self-Care Institute Presents

Resilience Over Burnout:
A Self-Care Program

with Ami Kunimura, Ph.D., MT-BC



Meet our members and hear their stories of growth and healing

It’s like diving into a deep and honest journey into yourself and coming out the other side feeling compassion

“This program enlightened me to aspects about my own care and compassion that may have been standing in the way of expanding to possibilities in my career and practise. Ami’s program imposes a discipline of introspection and self-acceptance, and provides valuable tools to understand and prevent burnout, and maintain one’s health and wellness to perform a long and satisfying career as a helping professional. It’s like diving into a deep and honest journey into yourself and coming out the other side feeling compassion for yourself and your personal growth.”

Mara Sawchyn
Music Therapist
Vancouver, Canada

I found a new sense of hope for my career

I have had my own ups and downs with my music therapy career due to some core issues regarding how I interacted with myself. This course helped me to reach deep down into my own feelings towards my self-worth. While going through Resilience Over Burnout, I found a new sense of hope for my career and I came to understand the importance of honoring my own process with caring for myself daily while maintaining my work rhythm. I felt supported and guided to maintain hope and dedication for my career success while dealing with obstacles.

Melinda Wilson, MT-BC

The best investment you will ever make in yourself

“I would describe this program as the best investment you will ever make in yourself, whether you are just starting out as a helping professional or are more seasoned. Ami has put together a comprehensive, in-depth program to support participants in examining all facets of self-care.

The program is self-paced and guides participants every step of the way. The Office Hour calls provide a supportive environment to explore the content with others who are on the same journey. Ami and her work are a blessing to the music therapy community, our clients, families and the wider community. I thank you whole-heartedly for putting all of this research together in one place.”

Carolyn Vierkorn, MT-BC

Meet Erin (4 Min)

Listen to Erin’s inspiring story of healing from burnout and grief.
Erin is a real life example of how we can get through hard things, but that we don’t have to do these hard things alone.

The potential for life change

Since completing the program I find myself stopping and reminding myself to be kinder to myself, I have more positive self-talk, and I am more patient with my child. Even on the most challenging days, I can come back to this course and remember I’m so much stronger than I feel. Ami’s compassion for others is evident in her personal commitment to the success of each participant. The time she takes to encourage participants in her programming reinforces the potential for life change.

Erin Jones, Ed.D, LPMT, MT-BC

Helps you enjoy life as you give to the world

This course has been wonderful, and I have learned SO much! Some important things I’ve learned are that self-care is essential for helping professionals as it prevents burnout and helps you enjoy life as you give to the world. I highly recommend this course for any helping professional!

Michelle Nettle, MT-BC
Owner of Blossom & Bloom Music Therapy Services, LLC

Truly defined what self-care means for me in my daily life

Back in February, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, came upon a post advertising the Resilience Over Burnout course and immediately experienced one of those “lightning strike” moments when you just feel pulled to do something. After reading through the course description, my body, mind, and spirit were exclaiming, “Self-care! Yes! Yes! Yes! Please, DO THIS!”

This course not only brought an awareness to my self-care, but also truly defined what self-care means for me in my daily life. The course has provided me with the tools necessary to recognize the symptoms of stress that may lead to burnout. I feel better equipped to handle these situations as they arise in my professional life and I’m feeling less anxious about taking leaps of faith in my music therapy and elementary school music class positions. I’ve been reminded that it’s okay to put “me” first and to make a gentle, non-judgemental space for myself.

Stacie Proctor, MMT-BC

Meet Lucy (8 Min)

Listen to Lucy’s story about overcoming burnout and how self-care helped her build a foundation for a thriving business.
Also learn how she went through the program while planning a wedding and working.

This program has been a game changer for me

This program has been a game changer for me. It gave me the opportunity to take a long, hard look at my beliefs around self-care and my self-care practices. It created space for some (not always easy) self-reflections as well as very useable ideas and suggestions for dealing with day-to-day stressors. 

Ami’s presentation style is easy to understand and it was nice to be able to go through the program at my preferred pace. I really credit Ami with giving me the tools to be able to acknowledge my improvements and achievements. I highly recommend Resilience Over Burnout: A Self-Care Program to anyone who is interested in the nuts and bolts of self-care and the opportunity to grow your own self-care strategies with the support of a caring community.

Beth Cummins Postigo MA, MT-BC

I have more energy, inner peace, and kindness for myself

Since joining, I have more energy, inner peace, and kindness for myself. The suggestions recommended in the program have helped return a calm and comfort to me that I had been missing. I love the program and I practice the meditations daily.

Understanding balance in a new light and with new practices have helped to rekindle joy, satisfaction, success and enthusiasm in roles that began to feel too overwhelming prior to starting the program. Reflecting on how to work hard but with care for myself has made a difference for me. I like being able to move through the program, reflect and participate at my own pace. It’s a great program and it’s wonderful knowing I can continue to revisit it.

Faydra Engel
First Grade Teacher

I learned to love myself, which was my biggest goal

I knew I was burnt out and depressed, but I had no idea all the stuff lurking under the surface that was affecting not only my work but also my personal life. I have found many answers to the broken places. I was surprised to see deep under the pain and exhaustion, was abiding hope.

Ami helped me to see the strength, wisdom and power that are inside of me. It helped me to clear out the fog and see what was there. When I started this process I was incredibly weak. At its conclusion I realized I had been so strong all along. I learned to love myself, which was my biggest goal.

What I have learned and will continue to work on, not only has affected my job and work, but my identity and my life. I have learned that the care I so desperately desire to give others, is sacred. But – you can NOT give what you don’t have. And how you treat yourself, and view yourself, and value yourself, directly starts to impact how you see your patients and your whole world.

I knew I could do the footwork of learning about self-care on my own, but if I really was going to make this stick and learn about my blind spots, I needed someone in my corner cheering me on. Ami has become a household name as I referenced her in my life changes. My husband says, “everyone needs an Ami.” I couldn’t agree more.

Lisa Rae Suppon, MT-BC
Music Therapist and Writer

Meet Gloria (5 Min)

Listen to Gloria’s self-care journey of finding her voice and feeling more confident and grounded at work

Self-compassion and loving and respecting myself

This course was very beneficial for me. One of the most important ideas that I learned was how I ended up in burnout, as well as the signs that I was missing. This course put emphasis on taking care of myself and that I need to put time for just myself so I can have the mental and physical energy to do what I need to do at work and home. Several other concepts that ran through the course that I think are important are self-compassion and loving and respecting myself.

Catherine Elkins, MT-BC

I have more self-esteem, I engage in less negative self-talk, and I feel released from guilt

“This course was outstanding! Ami has done extensive research on self-care and developed a course that offers evidence and advise for preventing burnout and improving self-care.  It was wonderful that we were encouraged to work at our own pace and given all the time needed to complete the course.  After all, self-care is important and not something to rush. An added value is lifetime access to course material.

For me, guilt has been one of the predominant obstacles to self-care. I have always felt I had to do more for others and that it was selfish to do for myself.  This course helped me realize the error in my thinking. I learned (1) self-care is necessary when working in a helping profession and (2) strategies for preventing burnout and improving self-care. As a result, positive changes have taken place. I more frequently advocate for myself and trust my instincts, I have more self-esteem, I engage in less negative self-talk, and I feel released from guilt.”

Amy Foye, MT-BC

Now I can be proactive in avoiding burnout and continue to grow into my best self

Coming into this course, I was feeling drained and weekends did not feel like enough time to recover. My understanding of self-care was way off base. I thought I had to earn it and would withhold it when I really needed it most. This course helped me to understand the true definition of self-care and adjust my mindset to a place of compassion and acceptance. The course helped me to establish daily self-care routines, develop an awareness of my limits, and recognize when I need to implement self-care. Now, I can be proactive in avoiding burnout and continue to grow into my best self.

Emily Macher