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If you’re feeling burned out, overwhelmed, or exhausted – you’re not alone.
As we move through life, we often need to re-learn how to care for ourselves.

You do so much for others, and we’re here to support you.

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Transforming Burnout into Well-Being

A 4-month 1:1 Mentorship Program with Ami Kunimura, PhD, MT-BC

This mentorship is designed for individuals who are experiencing burnout at work and –

  • Feeling depleted, exhausted, or overwhelmed
  • Stuck in patterns of pressuring and pushing oneself
  • Feeling detached from oneself and neglecting self-care
  • Longing for a sense of well-being, fulfillment, and peace

Includes two 90-minute Zoom sessions per month + 1 hour of independent practice per week.

Cost: $1850 or $475/month

Complete the application form to get started. We’ll contact you within five days to schedule a free 20-minute consultation to see if this program is right for you.

This self-care experience will take you through a four-month process of understanding burnout, transitioning out of burnout, restoring well-being, and integrating fulfillment into your life.

MONTH 1 – Realization: Understanding burnout and why it developed, uncovering root causes of burnout, gaining insight into stressors and behavior patterns that contribute to burnout

MONTH 2 –  Restoration: Transitioning out of burnout patterns, beliefs, and cycles; establishing self-care patterns, mindsets, and routines; nourishing and restoring your body, mind, heart, and spirit

MONTH 3 –  Revitalization: Exploring and establishing parameters for well-being, establishing a connection to yourself and your inner knowing, building energy, insight, peace, and alignment

MONTH 4 – Integration: Harmonizing change with integrity, boundaries, and compassion; applying self-care insights, lessons, and practices into everyday life; establishing a foundation for fulfillment


With Ami Kunimura, PhD, MT-BC

I started working with Ami after realizing I was experiencing burnout from work, personal circumstances, and not having a good strategy of sustaining self-care that I needed. Ami helped me to challenge my previous ways of thinking, create daily routines, and use meditation coping strategies that started changing my life immediately. She was easy to talk to, confide in, and willing to work with me at the pace I needed. Ami was the guidance and support that I needed.

Lucille Cimino, MT-BC
Founder of Sound Inspirations Music Therapy

1:1 Self-Care Coaching
Managing burnout, recovering from burnout, and healing from stress can be difficult to do alone. Self-care coaching provides individualized support to help you make sense of your experiences and guide you toward health and well-being. Coaching provides long-term monthly support for 6 months or longer (Note: Ami’s coaching schedule is currently full. To get on the wait list, you are welcome to complete the inquiry form below)

One-time or short-term support is also available to discuss issues related to burnout, stress, or self-care. Consultations are also available for helping professionals, leaders, and business owners who need support with managing their own burnout and/or burnout within an organization.


The Self-Care Institute Presents

Resilience Over Burnout:
A Self-Care Program

An in-depth and online self-care program
with Ami Kunimura, PhD, MT-BC



Take A Moment is an email you’ll receive from Ami every Wednesday to help you pause in the middle of your week and take a breath.

Take A Moment will provide you with simple self-care reminders and support with the latest in self-care research, but without overwhelming you with information.

Our hope is that Take A Moment can give you compassionate and consistent self-care nudges, so that these nudges can create small shifts, and these small shifts can lead to lasting positive change.

Take A Moment is a free subscription and you may unsubscribe anytime.

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