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Ami Kunimura, Ph.D., MT-BC
Founder, The Self-Care Institute

For In-Person and Virtual Events and Conferences

Dr. Ami Kunimura has spoken at international events and conferences on occupational burnout and self-care.

Ami presents practical and research-based information on burnout and self-care and engaging self-care experiences to redefine what it means to take care of ourselves as working professionals with our current challenges.

Ami’s presentations and keynotes are both educational and experiential, offering practical knowledge and skills to use in everyday life.

Dr. Ami Kunimura has been an instrumental presenter at California Park and Recreation Society (CPRS) Recreation Therapy Institute, and her sessions have been nothing short of transformative. Attending her sessions over the past three years has provided me with invaluable insights into the critical importance of self-care. Dr. Kunimura’s presentations consistently offer evidence-based approaches, contributing significantly to the well-being and professional longevity of Recreation Therapy practitioners. I am grateful for her shared knowledge and tools, shaping my perspective and enhancing our collective resilience in this field. Her dedication to addressing burnout and promoting self-care practices is commendable and has left a lasting impact on my professional journey. 

Keelin Jardin, M.S., CTRS, RTC
Coordinator of Recreation Therapy
Department of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism
California State University, East Bay

Presentation, Lecture, & Keynote Topics

Burnout Prevention, Burnout Recovery, & Stress Management

  • What burnout is, how to recognize it, risk factors, symptoms, what to do about it
  • What stress is, types of stress, managing job stress
  • How to transform burnout into well-being


Sustainable Self-Care

  • What self-care actually is and means, obstacles to self-care, making self-care sustainable
  • Mind-body practices for stress management, burnout prevention, and self-care
  • Self-care for leadership and success


Well-Being and Compassion

  • Compassion as a tool for self-care and community care
  • Music, compassion, and well-being
  • Creativity, self-care, and well-being


Social Justice

  • The intersections of burnout, self-care, and social justice

Ami is not only well-spoken but also possesses an incredible depth of knowledge that resonates with everyone fortunate enough to hear her speak. Her insights into resiliency and self-care are not only relevant but also transformational for healthcare professionals and, indeed, professionals in various fields. Her ability to inspire and educate is unparalleled, and her impact on our broader professional community is immeasurable.

Amy Love, MA, MT-BC
Music Therapist, Pediatric Music Therapy
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

About Ami Kunimura, Ph.D., MT-BC

​Ami Kunimura, Ph.D., MT-BC is the founder of The Self-Care Institute. She holds a Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine and is a board-certified music therapist.

Ami provides therapeutic support for individuals and organizations worldwide with burnout prevention, burnout recovery, stress management, and sustainable self-care.

Ami has worked with organizations such as Alaska Airlines, Procter & Gamble, California Park and Recreation Society, and various healthcare, corporate, and non-profit organizations. Ami has presented on self-care and occupational burnout at international events and conferences. She has also developed and facilitated research-based educational courses and programs on burnout prevention and self-care.

Ami has taught as a lecturer at UCLA and as an adjunct graduate faculty member at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and Saybrook University. As a board-certified music therapist since 2006, Ami specializes in mental health, trauma, and addictions treatment.

Ami received a Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University, MA in Music Therapy from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, and BA in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University.

Ami (pronounced Ah-me) was born and raised in Hawaii and she splits her time between Southern California and The Big Island of Hawaii.

Organizations Ami has worked with:

Alaska Airlines
Procter & Gamble
Oxfam America
California Park & Recreation Society
Hawai State Judiciary
Kuikahi Mediation Center
Union Station Homeless Services
Soccer Without Borders
Berklee College of Music
Western Carolina University
Counseling and Psychotherapy Center
Thom Anne Sullivan Center
NIA Community Service Network
Ouachita Behavioral Health and Wellness
International Congress for Qualitative Research and Theory Methodologies
World Congress of Music Therapy
American Music Therapy Association
California Department of State Hospitals
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

I highly recommend Ami Kunimura as a facilitator for any organization that is seeking expertise around self-care. Ami was wonderful to collaborate with. I was impressed by Ami’s willingness and ability to listen and understand our organization’s unique needs and tailor the workshop to make the experience for our staff as accessible as possible. Ami masterfully designed and facilitated the workshop in a way that balanced sharing content with giving space for participants to process the information in a way that honored their personal needs and experiences.

Lucas Holmes
People & Culture Director
Soccer Without Borders

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Ami is a consummate professional with whom I enjoyed working. Behind the scenes, she is responsive, well-prepared, and flexible. As a presenter, Ami has a calming presence and measured pace that supports thoughtful sharing and listening. Her content is research-based and memorable, and can easily be put into practice in daily life. I personally have signed up for (and regularly recommend to others) Ami’s weekly email “Take A Moment,” which includes gentle and insightful reminders that support self-care.

Julie Mitchell
Executive Director, Ku’ikahi Mediation Center

from previous participants

Excellent presentation! Interesting, helpful, and so applicable. I really enjoyed all the application of techniques that were used throughout the presentation. The way the material was presented was in a manner that speaks to everyone in all cultures.

I really enjoyed participating in breathing exercises, additional short meditations, and how interactive it was. Ami is an incredible speaker! Absolutely LOVED this presentation.



Ami is a caring and compassionate presenter who truly possesses the talent of communicating self-care awareness, techniques, and analysis in a palatable manner.

I thought this was a very relevant and valuable session. I’ve listened to many speakers on similar topics and I was still able to learn things from Ami that I have never even heard exactly the way she put it. She also has a very relaxing voice which makes her an excellent speaker on this topic.

The flow of the presentation was wonderful and I was able to stay fully present for the entire 3 hours. The presentation was clear and simple, yet very informative. Ami was confident and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed this.

I needed this session so desperately. It has helped me learn new methods of self-care and relaxation. The tools are absolutely applicable and useful.

Ami was very thorough and knowledgeable and I appreciated the combination of the information being presented and opportunity to interact and participate.

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