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We provide education and experiences for burnout prevention and sustainable self-care for your team.

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A 3-Hour Live Virtual Self-Care Workshop
for Teams & Organizations

Resilience at Work is a 3-hour live virtual self-care workshop for stress management and burnout prevention for teams and organizations hosted by Ami Kunimura, MA, MT-BC. We can accommodate teams of all sizes.

This 3-hour ritual workshop includes one hour of educational material, one hour of experiential self-care practices, and one hour for questions and discussion.



Stress Management and Self-Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The Resilient and Compassionate Professional
Resilience, Compassion, and Growth: Recovering and Learning from Stress
Trauma’s Silvers Linings: Post Traumatic Growth and Vicarious Resilience

Ami Kunimura has spoken at international events and conferences on professional burnout and self-care. Ami presents practical and research-based information on burnout and self-care along with engaging self-care experiences to redefine what it means to take care of ourselves as working professionals with the current challenges we face.

Self-care workshops are tailored to your group’s needs and goals. Workshops are experiential for hands-on self-care practice and to address immediate concerns around burnout and/or stress. Workshops are available for teams, professional groups, and retreats.

Consultations for leaders, executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs who need support with managing their own burnout or help with supporting their team with burnout prevention and self-care practices.

Self-care coaching is also available for professionals experiencing burnout or chronic stress. Managing burnout or recovering from burnout can be difficult to do alone, and self-care coaching can help you make sense of your experiences and guide you to a healthier and more fulfilling place in life. Coping with vicarious traumatization, secondary trauma, and compassion fatigue may also be addressed.


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